call for papers


The past, the present and the future are united by tensions. Tensions between them; their ideologies, landscapes and temporal climates, and tensions they share; questions of identity, art and social responsibility. Every generation faces political binaries as we struggle to reconcile a world fraught with difference. Not only are our understandings of race, gender and nation constantly shifting in relation to new discoveries and ideas, but the ways in which we communicate these ideas are in dialogue.

Our 2017 Postgraduate Colloquium will take an interdisciplinary approach to the question of tension(s) in societies and academia; we will explore how, why and what it means to take sides in a debate, be that the future of the planet and our place within it, or the origins of language. Tensions divide us, but they also define us.

We invite proposals on topics that include but are not limited to:

  • Im/migration; belonging/outsider tensions
  • Identity politics, including ideas of nationality, race, gender, and class
  • Borders and boundaries
  • Uncertain futures, encompassing sustainability, climate change, and inter-generational responsibility
  • World politics and their representation in media and the arts
  • Nostalgia(s)/fear(s) in or of the past
  • Interdisciplinary tensions
  • City/Rural, spatial tensions; urbanisation and the sprawling population
  • Tensions between real and imaginary worlds
  • Ir/resolvable arguments in language and culture

Submission Guidelines

We invite abstracts of no more than 300 words for oral papers of around 20 minutes; submissions are open to all postgraduate students studying across the arts and humanities from now until midnight on 31 March 2017. All abstracts should be emailed to